Prices for heraldic creations of
private clients
(Prices incl. tax 19%, plus forwarding expenses)
(Tax only for sale inside of Germany)
1. Production of a new Coat Of Arms
Production of a Coat of Arms due to the Surname
and the origin as draft with an exact description and
explanation in detail. After agreement of the client
follows a colored final drawing on white thick paper.
The registration of your arms are separate.
EUR 2.500,–
1a. Same as 1., but final drawing on genuine pergament.
EUR 2.700,–
2. Colored final drawing of an existing coat of arms
– on coloured or white drawing board
EUR 1.500,–
– on genuine vellum
EUR 1.700,–
3. Black-white drawing of coat of arms
detailed execution for Print (e.g. letter-head,
business cards) or for engraving of Signet-rings,
Blind embossing et al.
EUR 1.835,–
4. Bookplates
One tentative draft and a ready final artwork of
coat of arms with Text (Name and „Ex libris” or
„Ex bibliotheca”)
EUR 1.650,–
4a. Bookplates in individual design
Price on T&M basis
5. Engraving
Engraving of coat of arms as relief for Embossings on
paper, for Signet-rings or seals on T&M basis
from EUR 1.950,–
5a. Engraving of coat of arms positive to apply on a
piece of jewellery or similar
from EUR 2.600,–
6. Embossing Machine
Embossing Machine for den manual operation
with adjustable stops
Perfoset I/P
on request
Perfoset II/P
on request