MMThe heraldry has a special rank in
the culture of the Christian occident,
because coats of arms personify
tradition and history in an individual
way. They are signs of families, cities
and states and follow firm rules.

MMCoats of arms are not remains of
the dark Middle Ages, also today they
mark a society, in which the individual
strives for distinction increasingly.
This concerns attributes, which permit
it, to specify and differentiate definite
the family, the community and the
ancestry by an unmistakable picture

MMWith bright colors and clear symbols
coat of arms are a explicit sign and in
this sense they ennoble the names,
which they represent

MM With my work I offer the creation of your own coat of arms on the basis
of the meaning of the name and the
ancestry with colored and black-and-
white fine-drawing on genuine parchment, "Elefantskin" (parchment-
like colored cardboard) or paper;
the colored or black-and-white
illustration of an already existing
coat of arms ; Exlibris for your library.

MM Beyond that I offer the engraving
of the coat of arms for signet rings,
desk seals, stamps for bold reliefs on
paper and much more.

MM For further information I am at
your disposal. I ask to agree upon
dates before by telephone or in

MM If you find any mistakes in the
english text, feel free to mail me!